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DigiDorables are a 7,000 PFP celebration of imagination in llama form. This debut collection by comic artist Agnes Garbowska combines her 15 years of publishing comics with her love for storytelling, in an effort to bridge the gap between comics and web3. Your DigiDorable is your ticket to live art events, comics, merch, exclusive convention goodies, future drops, and more. Plus, you'll get to contribute first hand as the community helps write the story of DigiDorables.

For Genesis Token Holders

For Genesis Token Holders

Do you hold a DigiDorable Comic Boxel Genesis Token?*

* Not necessary to purchase a DigiDorables token

Enjoy Upgraded Access

Enjoy Upgraded Access

You will be entitled to two free DigiDorable NFT claims, as well as allow-listed to buy even more at a discounted rate!

Agnes Garbowska

About the Artist

Agnes Garbowska

Agnes Garbowska is a creative veteran with over 15 years of experience in comic books and publishing. Award winning & NY Times Best Selling Series artist for DC Superhero Girls! She has worked for most major publishers including DC Comics and Marvel Comics, and has worked on such titles as Teen Titans Go!, My Little Pony, and Care Bears. Agnes Garbowska has now moved into Web 3 by launching her project DigiDorables part of ComicBoxels which hopes to combine her experience in publishing with the Web 3 space.

The Art

The DigiDorables NFTs are 100% created and illustrated by Agnes Garbowska, who has digitally drawn over 300 attributes! From every background, to every outfit, to every little special detail, these llamas are all Agnes. Randomly assembled to create your unique, special character.

The Vision

DigiDorables are your ticket to Llamaville. By joining the llama family, you enter our imaginative land of creativity where you'll have access to online educational and art events with Llama Mama Agnes Garbowska, one-of-kind merch, including comics and coloring books, and exclusive access to goodies and community events and local comic conventions. As the story of DigiDorables unfolds, our holders will not just get a front row seat to the action, but they'll help write the tale of Llamaville and bring their PFP to life in the land of llamas. Join us as we write the future of DigiDorables and bridge the gap between comics and web3.

Project Perks

Live chats and live drawing sessions talking about art and story telling.
Community based story telling. Voting and poles of direction of stories. Community becomes a part of the story creation.
Competitions - Art and Story creation.
Discount on watercolour sketches at conventions.
Exclusive goodies for holders at conventions.
Encourage holders to name their characters and tell their stories.
Access to future drops.

DigiDorables Terms & Conditions

All art, characters and brands © & ™ their respective creators. PFP / Project ownership and shared ownership with communities may vary, and does not constitute any default grant of ownership to customers unless otherwise specified. Individual project commitments, community engagement, and deliverables are managed by the project creators on an individual basis. Comic Boxels is not responsible for artist / creator participation, or lack thereof, with customers or their fan community. All art, pricing, and metadata posted is subject to licensor approval and change prior to mint. Significant changes made prior to release will be made public to community in good faith.

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