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Our launch begins with the GENESIS COMIC BOXELS. Next up will be four NFT releases featuring a host of iconic comic book talent. You don't have to own a GENESIS token to participate — but you'll receive special utility if you do!

Degen After Hours

NFT All-Star Comic! Josh Blaylock's semi weekly web comic featuring Comic Boxels' own collection (and guest cameos) of some of the most famous PFP brand characters in the NFT space. Somewhere in between block confirmations of the metaverse, Chaser the penguin runs the Byzantine, a bar where NFTs come to kick back, slow down, and have a drink, because the world of Web3 moves too fast! Guest starring characters from BAYC, Sad Girls Bar, 0N1 Force, Gutter Cat Gang, Deadfellaz, StrawberryWTF, Wicked Craniums, and more!

DigiDorables Terms & Conditions

All art, characters and brands © & ™ their respective creators. PFP / Project ownership and shared ownership with communities may vary, and does not constitute any default grant of ownership to customers unless otherwise specified. Individual project commitments, community engagement, and deliverables are managed by the project creators on an individual basis. Comic Boxels is not responsible for artist / creator participation, or lack thereof, with customers or their fan community. All art, pricing, and metadata posted is subject to licensor approval and change prior to mint. Significant changes made prior to release will be made public to community in good faith.

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