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DigiDorables is a series of digital collectible llamas sold as Non-Fungible-Tokens running on the Ethereum blockchain (NFTs). Buyers and site users are solely responsible for safely maintaining their digital wallets and any personally held software used for interacting and interacting with the DigiDorables and Comic Boxels website. DigiDorables, Comic Boxels, its owners and affiliates (collectively Comic Boxels) are not responsible for the safety or management of digital wallets. The Comic Boxels and DigiDorables website is merely an interface with the Ethereum network, of which it has no control over, and is only providing a service to users, who accept full responsibility for their interaction with he network and all transactions, including network transaction ("Gas") fees.

Intellectual Property Rights

DigiDorable buyers own the NFT llama they purchase, as well as the underlying art linked to the token (the Llama), and ownership is forever determined by the smart contract used to mint each Llama. Comic Boxels has no authority or means to change the ownership of the llamas. Comic Boxels grants a global license to owners to use their llamas for the following: personal and/or non-commercial use, commercial use including derivative merchandise, and branding, subject to the Terms & Conditions agreement. Users agree not to use Llamas for any derivative licensing or merchandising associated with content of an adults-only, adult-entertainment nature, or affiliated with any organizations affiliation based on the exclusion of or prejudice against any group for its race, ethnicity, sexual preference or religion.

Comic Boxels does not grant any right, license or claim to any other trademarks, branding, or images belonging to DigiDorables, including but not limited to the any associated logos, Llamaville, or the Llama comic strips, stories, or Comic Boxels own derivative products. DigiDorables is ©&™ 2022 Agnes Garbowska.

NFT owners acknowledge any stories, derivative art or merchandise, lore, or other intellectual property may, by the nature of community-owned NFTs, result in similarities between their own derivative content and content that may be produced by a later date by Comic Boxels, and that they shall hold Comic Boxels, its owners, and affiliates harmless against any similarities.

Users agree that use of the Comic Boxels website, or interaction with any of its smart contracts is at their sole risk. Comic Boxels accepts no responsibility for scams or deceptive tactics used by third parties owning, or claiming to own, any Comic Boxels NFT, or falsely claiming to be associated with the Comic Boxels team.

Comic Boxels NFTs are not an investment, and for collectibility and utility only.

Users must be at least 18 years of age to interface with the Comic Boxels website and/or to purchase any NFT on the site. The Terms and Conditions of Comic Boxels may change at any time. Users may check periodically for updates. Due to the nature of NFTs and web 3 technology, users acknowledge there is not a way to notify all owners.

Any disputes arising between Comic Boxels and any party interacting with the site, or regarding issues with the licensing of its NFTs will be resolved by arbitration, according to the laws of the state of Illinois, in the jurisdiction of Cook County, IL, administered by the American Arbitration Association in accordance with its rules, with each party covering its own legal fees. By interacting with the Comic Boxels website or any of its smart contracts, you forego the right to any trial by jury, or any claims to, or participation in any class action claim.

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