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Our Plan to Enhance Comic Collecting, Event, and Creator Experiences with the power of NFTs


To enhance and improve comic book collecting, event, and creator experiences, and to elevate the success and security of the professionals behind the pages, using NFT and Web3 technology in pursuit of this goal.

Comic Boxels is the ultimate "laboratory" where comic book pros and NFT innovators come together to create the coolest, most engaging ways to to use Web3 technology to enhance the collecting experience. We are building this ecosystem to be where industry veterans and up & comers alike can work with early adopters who participate in both the native NFT collector market, and have a love of comic culture. The more traditional audiences are still learning, but when they arrive, we will be ready, and hopefully the #1 place creatives come to collaborate.

We work with individual creators to give their projects their own spin, and feed it back into our larger system.

To kick it all off, we are working to ensure that the Genesis Boxels will forever reward our original holders with a constant, continual collection of the coolest new s#*+!

The Basics

25% Genesis Boxel Sell-through

  • Special merchandise drops - Apparel
  • Special access to commissions/exclusive releases from creators for Genesis token holders

50% Genesis Boxel Sell-through

  • Special merchandise release - Comic Boxels Sketch Book (NFTs and Physical)

75% Genesis Boxel Sell-through

  • Special fund created - at least 5% of all funds raised from here until sell out (after partner payouts) will be placed into a fund used for charity causes (Ukraine, Hero Initiative, others TBD)

100% Genesis Boxel Sell-through

  • Comic Boxels Mural Livestream - Artist jam and live minting of finished piece, available to all Genesis token holders
  • Comic Boxel party at a major NFT or Comic Convention - maybe both!
  • Comic Boxels Gallery and Headquarters Created in Crypto Voxels (or other VR World)

The Long Game

This is an evolving space, and we want to be transparent that our "Mindmap" is a living organism. However, we have a very clear vision of what lies ahead and how we aim to use web 3 to change the face of comics forever. We are also more than happy to share who we are, what we can do, and how we plan to make this happen, if our project is successful. *

  • Comic Boxels NFT Marketplace: Including Verifiable Physical Original Art Authentication
  • Publishing Grants - fund the creation of new projects for creators, with community ownership participation
  • Exclusive access to a network of comic-cons across the world - discounted and free entry for token holders
  • Special token drops for Substack / Patreon / Kickstarter supporters from incoming creators, rewarded to Genesis token holders
  • POAP Scavenger Hunt partnerships with comic book retailers, publishers, and conventions
  • Special releases / collaborations with toy manufacturers
  • NFT gallery partners in Chicago, NYC, LA, Miami, and touring cities
  • Fractional ownership of comic creator libraries - allowing token holders/fans to share in their favorite creator's property, while giving talent the ability to cash out bigger up front, or even use as a retirement vehicle in this unstable industry
  • National Cross promotion with comics-2-film launches - early access to film releases and sneak previews
  • HODL Comicon!

* Many of these require complex hoop-jumping and registration with various federal and govt. entiies to pull off correctly, hence they will take months and years, not weeks, but now you see where we're headed!

Contract / Technical Information

Genesis Comic Boxels are ERC721 tokens. We have limited supply to 5,000 tokens. Distribution, randomly selected at mint, is among six options: 1,950 New Comic Book Day; 1,500 Degen After Hours; 1,000 DigiDorables; 467 Heroes of Trilash; 33 Legendary Heroes of Trilash; and 50 Golden Comic Boxels.

Comic Boxels will pre-mint 447 tokens to distribute to our artists, developers, media team, and for future promotions and raffles.

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